When your DS&vT piece arrives with you it will be in optimal condition and will come with a professional DS&vT maintenance kit.


DS&vT maintenance kit contents:

REDSPRAY. This spray will keep all sorts of bugs away threatening your mount. It’s important to spray the mount with a distance of at least 40cm. Also spray in the direction the hair or feathers take. For mounts under glass domes or cabinets once a year is ok. Otherwise use REDSPRAY every three months. Extra REDSPRAY can be ordered.

Feather duster. Use the feather duster carefully and gentle in the direction of the feathers of the mount. If you use it more roughly you will damage the feathers or the patterns the feathers lay in. Treated right our mounts can last over a 100 years. Before it leaves our workshop it is cleaned and sanitised completely. It also has had a treatment for any threat from bugs.


The first important thing is were to place your DS&vT piece. Excess moisture and heat, direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations are the worst culprits in deterioration. Also keep it away from smoke and sources of dust, such as ventilator ducts and air conditioners. The worst thing you can do is to place it above a fireplace or outside.


If your piece is under a glass dome of display cabinet your mounts will be very save and not much maintenance is needed. Spraying it once a year with the REDSPRAY will be enough.


If your piece has no dome or cabinet it will need a little more attention. REDSPRAY is needed every three months. Also you will have to take the dust off when needed. Try to do it only when dust starts to show. In other words, as little as possible.


If your mount gets damaged in the future try not to repair it yourself but contact us, or a professional taxidermist in your country. Not knowing what to do can make matters worse in many cases.


Never touch a mount with your hands. Grease and oil of your skin will accumulate on the surface.